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Welcome to Alliance LARP Seattle! This FAQ is intended to answer many of the common questions received with regards to the Logistics surrounding the operation of our game. If you have a question not on this FAQ I invite you to send an e-mail to logistics@alliance-seattle.com.

1. What is Logistics?

2. Who is Logistics?

3. What is the expected response time of Logistics?

4. I haven’t heard back from Logistics. What should I do?

5. Should I send my backstory to Logistics for approval?

6. How do I donate to the chapter?

7. How does Experience work?

8. What is the Monthly Blanket list?

9. Do I need to pre-register for an Event?

10. How do I pre-register for an Event as a PC?

10.1. I want to attend an Event at another chapter. What do I need to do?

11. How do I pre-register for an Event as an NPC?

12. At an event, when does Logistics take place?

13. How do I check in at an Event?

14. Where do I check in if I arrive late?

15. Do I need to check out if I leave early? Or leave and come back?

16. What is the process for mid-Event Logistics?

17. How do Battle Boards work? How should I mark my Battle Board?

18. How do my “Per Day” skills and items get refreshed at an Event?

19. How do I get new Skills for my character?

20. Can I spend Goblin Points during an Event?

21. Can I spend Build Points during an Event?

22. I died and need to resurrect. What do I do?

23. I just cast a Ritual. Where do I put the spent scrolls and reagents? And when do I get the tag?

24. Do I need to turn anything in at the end of an Event?

25. Why don’t you guys use MySQL/PostgreSQL?