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February Gameday

Come join us for the first Alliance Seattle Gameday of 2018! 

Several attractions, including:
- A high-stakes poker game, with a Permanence Catalyst as the prize, run by Brayden, Kevar, and Talladar at the Five Crowns Markethouse! 
- Opportunities to chat and learn more from the Paragons, Guild Magistrates, and Local Nobility (and perhaps, nobility from afar?). 
- Some form of combat! Get your boffer on! 

Times are likely/tenative and may shift by an hour or two. Final times will be arranged within the next month. The venue is going to be selected based on estimated attendance - please RSVP Yes on the Facebook Event page if you think you are likely to attend.

In Game Teaser (Announced throughout the Tavern, and shared via the Dreams by Brayden (played by Shane Renner):

Greeting ladies and gentlemen!

May I have your attention please?!

I have a few words to say and an announcement to make.

I would like to remind us all that in times of great strife, and conflict it is important we not only fight to survive, but to live. We must always remember to find happiness and joy where we can. For if we let the darkness take that from us, then no matter how much we fight, it has already won! Even here, so close to the front, and dealing with the evils we do, we must find time to smile and have fun. 

So, with that in mind, I am happy to announce in two months time the Five Crowns; myself, Talladar, and Kevar, will be hosting a Poker Tournament, sponsored by The Martinelli Family.

There will be a 10 gold buy in. This gets you a seat at the table and chips. 

The stakes? The Martinelli Family has very graciously offered the most coveted catalyst in all of Strayden, the Catalyst to the Permanence Ritual, a Vial of Sparkling Fairy Dust to the winner!!

This tournament is open to all who wish to test their luck and skill for a chance at the prize!

The winner will have the prize delivered to them after the Tournament, guaranteed by the Martinelli Family.

- Brayden, of Stradyn

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