Hargroth as it is now known is a country of the dead, but it was not always this way.

With a burgeoning empire, tribe after tribe was aligning itself with the country of Inaria. Inaria boasted a simplified noble structure which bound all nobles mystically to the lands. As one would take the burden of responsibility for growing and tending the lands, a mystic from the Inarian tribe would come to the village and perform the bonding procedure to create a link from the spirit to the land the local lord would serve. This continued all the way up through the King of Inaria (named for the tribe of mystics whom knew how to bond with the land). This practice lived a very short life, as soon after the Inarian’s were able to convince the last of the most powerful tribes to align under their banners, the first dragon awoke.

There had always been tales of the guardians of the lands being mystical creatures, and more specifically dragons. When Teskarius awoke, those that witnessed were in awe. Finally, they believed, the actions the people of the land were taking had been noticed, and now they had a true to life guardian to protect them and unite them. Unfortunately, Teskarius was no guardian. Teskarius was well documented during this time acting as a mystical adviser to many powerful leaders. While maintaining the appearance of a mystic, Teskarius traveled and preyed upon smaller unaffiliated tribes. Word did not spread of his deeds quickly enough, but only that there was a dragon, a guardian of Fortannis, walking the lands. Over time, Teskarius subverted nearly every tribe and city-state surrounding the capital of Inaria, while maintaining his deceptions amongst those that were not loyal to him.

No one from Inaria had ever fought a dragon before, and as a whole, they were unprepared to face a foe of such magnitude. They were equally unprepared for the betrayal of their advisers, their allies, and their families. The Inarians fought, and the Inarians died. Teskarius was a scourge upon their royal line, and left none alive. When this task was complete he went about eliminating any sizable resistance within his borders. A war raged on the southern border, and Teskarius allowed his forces to battle the Garaltan army as he turned his attention to more mysterious pursuits. From this time there have been pocket societies that have found ways to hide themselves from the notice of the dead, or even worse, the notice of those still living within the lands. The people who remain in these small survivor camps have taken to living life on the move, and more importantly, to risking their lives to remain undiscovered. They have learned to pass encoded messages without any means of magic, as legends tell of Teskarius’s ability to take any magical information passed within his lands.

Eventually the Shimmer rose, and Teskarius found himself denied from Garalta. Before long, his gaze turned across the sea.

Important People

Teskarius the Wise - Ancient Dragon awoken from a deep slumber. Focused on building a controllable society. Known to be able to shape shift as well as perform ritual magic by memory. Rumor has it that he is able to understand and be aware of all ritual magic cast within the borders of Hargroth.

The White Wizard of Hargroth - A Stone-Elven Necromancer from an unknown origin, came into the service of Teskarius under the auspice of visions and portents of the future. Known to be able to cast Earth rituals from scrolls with no circle.

Askulund - Rumored to have been willingly transformed into a werewolf permanently. Seemingly has full control of self, and acts as commander of the lupoid forces for Teskarius. Immune to most magics, though has been known to lose control over self around certain poisons, no one who has lived through a battle seems to remember which ones.

The Butcher - Known to carry giant cleaving weapons. The Butcher is believed to once have been mortal, but made a pact with a dark force known as The Black Rainbow. His appearance is now monstrous and he taps into unknown forces to power dread abilities. Emitting harsh light from beneath the skin of his eyeless head, The Butcher’s face is only a giant maw.

Tal of Hargroth - A Mystic Woodfolk bearing a grudge, Tal of Hargroth is a force to be reckoned with. Already a powerful mage in his own regard, Tal is rumored to have acquired additional powers through quests and negotiations with mighty creatures. Tal of Hargroth seems to have his own motivations and his service to Teskarius is to further his own ultimate goals.