Welcome Back!

This page is for players who have been to an Alliance game before. If you have never played, check out our New Players page first.


Check out our Logistics FAQ to find a lot of great info.



Submiting feedback

Let us know what you thought of the event by using our Feedback Form. If you submit one within 10 days after the event, you will receive 30 goblin stamps. General feedback can also always be sent to the player rep (Lauren) directly at playerrep@alliance-seattle.com or to the GM at manager@alliance-seattle.com.

Accessing the character database

This database will NOT be accurate if you have converted your character to the 2.0 rules set. We are working to make that information available here but please bare with us.

To view your character's current sheet, xp log, and gobbies, start by visiting the Alliance Larp forums. Log in and scroll to the bottom of the page to find a section called "Alliance Character". Select the appropriate chapter (in this case Seattle). You must be logged in to the forums for this to work. If you have any questions, please email logistics@alliance-seattle.com


Submitting Downtimes

Alliance Seattle Plot will be supporting players wishing to conduct in-between game activities with their characters. We call this process the Alliance Seattle Downtime Policy.

Things you can do in downtime (you may travel to complete these):

  • Research 1 topic

  • Have a downtime conversation with 1 NPC played by a plot member (subject to plot member availability)

  • Interact with your holdings (beyond maintenance)

  • (NEW) Take part in an adventure. This is different from past downtimes, in that you do not get to design the adventure. If you wish to take part in an adventure (Instead of one of the other downtime options), you are free to do so, but the adventure will be determined by the plot team and may not be what you expect.

Downtime Policy is summarized as follows:

  • Each character may request a downtime consisting of no more than 1 action per event.

  • You must have attended the prior event

  • Downtime submissions should be submitted via the webform.

  • We assume basic maintenance of lands and holdings is completed unless you tell us otherwise.

  • If you have a relevant Craftsman skill pertinent to your downtime action please list it.

  • Please submit the downtime action for the character that will be attending the next event.

  • If you plan on including other characters in your downtime, please include the names of all players and characters involved. Please include email addresses for all relevant players.

  • If your character is involved in a group downtime with other players, you do not get a second solo downtime action.

  • Group downtimes may yield more information or results, depending on the topic (because you're saving the plot team the work of writing multiple downtimes!)

Here are a few FAQ and pointers on downtime submissions:

What is downtime? It's the stuff your character does between events, when you're not dealing with the exciting stuff the world seems to throw at you every two months or so. Downtime submissions can help flesh out your character, and give you insights into certain parts of the world your character inhabits. It also gives us a better idea of how your character interacts with the world at large.

How do I write up a downtime? Submissions should be concise, high-level descriptions of what your character intends to do during that period, and should typically be somewhat open about the timing, to give us some flexibility. (For example, "In the next month or so, I..." is preferable to "Three days before the solstice, at 5 minutes past suppertime, I...") Feel free to include contingencies ("If this happens, I do this"), but limit yourself to 1 action as outlined above, so that we have time to get to everybody's submission. 

How do I submit a downtime? Through our webform! https://www.alliance-seattle.com/returning-players

If you cannot use this form for some reason, please send your downtime to plot@alliance-seattle.com

What's changed? Downtime submissions should now only be submitted through the webform, unless a technical issue precludes you from using it.

Additionally, downtime adventures are now available. If you wish to take part in an adventure (Instead of one of the other downtime options), you are free to do so, but the adventure will be determined by the plot team and may not be what you expect. The adventure may include plot details for the next event, details specific to you, or side-plot information. Who knows?! It's an adventure!

The adventure or adventures available will vary each event, and we will let you know if there are multiple adventures available. You can only pick one, and you cannot control who else picks the same adventure as you, so your character will be on the adventure with whoever else chooses that adventure.