The Royal Bounty Hunters Guild of Stradyn


The Bounty Hunters Guild is an organization existing in Stradyn and Ultus that offers lucrative contracts to independent operators to complete high risk tasks.

The Bounty Hunters Guild has risen to prominence in recent history as incursions from Hargroth have become more frequent. The military is stretched thin and unable to counter all threats to public safety or individual assets. The Bounty Hunters Guild has filled this gap and provides a place for adventurers and other individuals to turn for lucrative employment at the risk to their own safety.

The Guild is not above the law and does not offer assassination contracts. Anyone targeted by the Bounty Hunters Guild (If they are a sentient creature) must have committed crimes recognized by the state and be declared an outlaw, allowing private citizens to pursue them and bring them to justice. The Guild does offer contracts on particularly dangerous non-sentient creatures, for which this is not a requirement.

Netherdale Chapter

Magistrate: Lorelai

Local adjunct: Not filled

Branch: Investigative                  Branch: Administrative

Rank 1: Initiate                           Rank 1: Scribe

Rank 2: Recruit                          Rank 2: Clerk

Rank 3: Agent                            Rank 3: Specialist

Ranks of the Administrative Branch

Rank 1 Scribe: Scribes assist with general administrative tasks such as posting bounties and assisting with paperwork and correspondence. Scribes do not have access to secret or sensitive information.

Rank 2 Clerk: A clerk has been judged to be a valuable contribution to the guild and has been well vetted and found worthy of trust with confidential information. A clerk will perform the main operations of the chapter office. These tasks include: perform intake of captured bounties and administer payment for them, take reports (both confidential and mundane) from guild members and members of the public, take custody of suspects and evidence involved in crimes or potential crimes, and provide sworn statements when called upon to do so by a member of the peerage or nobility. A guild member must take the Oath in order to become a clerk.

Rank 3 Specialist: A specialist has all of the rights and privileges of a clerk, but by virtue of additional experience, vetting, and leadership ability, a specialist is involved in upper level planning and activities within and for the guild. Specialists are also responsible for providing information and instructions to guild members of both branches.

Ranks of the Investigative Branch

Rank 1 Initiate: Initiates are individuals who have successfully completed at least one bounty, either alone or with the assistance of a group who wish to progress through the ranks of the Investigative branch. Initiates complete bounties in order to demonstrate sincerity.

Rank 2 Recruit: A recruit has demonstrated their ability to successfully complete bounties for the guild and to maintain decorum while doing so. Recruits will have access to bounties of greater difficulty and/or sensitivity than Initiates and will also be responsible for accurately reporting any information relevant to the guild.

Rank 3 Agent: Agents have demonstrated themselves to be worthy of trust with confidential information. They have access to more dangerous and sensitive bounties than Recruits. An agent’s responsibilities can include providing sworn statements when called upon to do so by a member of the peerage or nobility. A guild member must take the Oath in order to become an Agent.

In order to truthfully swear this oath, a member must declare themselves a citizen of the kingdom of Stradyn. This citizenship is not mutually exclusive of citizenship of another country so long as that country is not an enemy of Stradyn.

 The Oath of the Bounty Hunter

I declare that I am a citizen of Stradyn.

I will not use my position in the guild to further my personal goals.

I will maintain respectability and proper social acumen when I am representing the Royal Bounty Hunters Guild.

I will respect the chain of command within the Royal Bounty Hunters Guild.

I will not divulge sensitive information that I am made privy to in the course of my duties.

I will only provide truthful sworn statements when called upon by a member of the nobility or member of the Royal Bounty Hunters Guild.

I will respect the laws of Stradyn or whatever country in which I am executing my sworn duty, presuming that country is not at war with Stradyn.