Royal Celestial Guild of Stradyn


Guild Charter

The Celestial guild of Stradyn is encompassed of four types of volunteers

  • Celestial Guild Initiate
  • Celestial Guild Advocate
  • Celestial Guild Master
  • Celestial Guild Magistrate

The following are universal duties of all Celestial guild members
Gather Reagents to empower Permanent Circle if one does not exist
Perform Identifications of magical items found
Turn in any Necromantic Items identified to local Earth Guild
Destroy any unauthorized gates to the planes
Protect the people of Stradyn from forces not native to this plane
Assist any active member of the Royal Stradynite forces as called upon

The Following are duties specific to each grade of Volunteer

Initiates- 1 year or less in service
Identify Magical effects for the standard cost of 2 silver per item
Assist in any ritual being cast by the guild
Protect the Celestial Circle
Attend monthly meeting of local guild

Advocate- Over 1 year of service
Identify Magical effects for the standard cost of 2 silver per item
Destroy any known planar interlopers - Elementals and Magical creatures
Attend monthly meeting of local guild

Master - Local representative selected by Magistrate
Gather and create planar ritual cache for use towards local endeavors
Oversee any rituals performed within the Celestial Circle
Be the legally authorized point of contact for any greater planar entity that appears within your town
Run monthly meetings of local guild
Attend Ducal guild meeting of Duchy Masters

Magistrate - Selected by Royal Guild Master
Verify local guilds are properly staffed
Visit each local guild monthly to verify Limited or Permanent Circle is intact
Run quarterly Ducal guild meeting for all Masters within the Duchy