Royal Earth Guild of Stradyn


Guild Charter

The earth guild of Stradyn is encompassed of four types of volunteers

  • Earth Guild Initiate

  • Earth Guild Advocate

  • Earth Guild Master

  • Earth Guild Magistrate

The following are universal duties of all earth guild members
Turn in all forms of Necromancy (potions, rituals, catalysts, sentient beings) to the Earth Guild Masters for destruction
Fix or destroy the unliving whenever possible
Care for and restore to life any citizen of Stradyn whom is turned undead
Produce and maintain a stockpile of curatives for the local villagers to purchase
Heal or assist any active member of the Royal Stradynite forces as called upon

The Following are duties specific to each grade of Volunteer

Initiates- 1 year or less in service
Learn from the Advocates how to utilize healing arts to best make use of resources
Sell Earth guild wares at up to twice their material costs
Assist with the performance of resurrections
Attend monthly meeting of local guild

Advocate- Over 1 year of service
Teach Initiates how to utilize healing arts appropriately
Perform resurrections with the assistance of any Initiate
Attend monthly meeting of local guild

Master - Local representative selected by Magistrate
Gather and create healing cache for initiates to sell to the public
Oversee resurrections to verify no chaotic returns
Keep store of necromantic items for collection and disposal
Run monthly meetings of local guild
Attend Ducal guild meeting of Duchy Masters

Magistrate - Selected by Royal Guild Master
Verify local guilds are properly staffed
Visit each local guild monthly to collect and destroy necromantic items
Run quarterly Ducal guild meeting for all Masters within the Duchy