Alliance Seattle Staff

Owner: Luke Doyle

General Manager: Luke Doyle

Assistant General Manager: Paul Trujillo

Head of Plot: Nick Bond

Plot: Amber Bond

Plot: Stephen Stana 

Plot: Kristin Woodward

Logistics: Brent Woodward & Kristin Woodward

New Player Representative: Evan Rawson

Player Representatives: Heather New & Chantell Wagner

Sexual Harassment Prevention and Reporting Coordinator: Chantell Wagner

Head of Rules: Bryan Gregory

Treasure Policy Manager: Tabitha Kenneally

Kitchen Staff: Tyler Pick (Head Chef), Chris Duble, & Jason Syring

Monster Camp Caretaker: Matt Wagner

NPC Guild Master: Cortni Walton

Monster Camp At Game Organizer: Pierre Ka

Discord Admin & Games Manager: Amber-Rose

Webmaster: Amber Bond

Head of Deco: Rachel Miller

Public Relations Coordinators: Nick Brewer (Seattle) & Ben DeBruhl (Portland)