Ultus is divided into three provinces.

The Northern Province of Esterwick shares a border with Stradyn and facilitates trade between the two countries.

The southern province of Wildewinter is the long southern coastline of Ultus. The Ultan merchant and fishing fleets traffic much along this coast, and the region is home to many rich veins of ore which the country mines.

The western province of Oakmont is the largest province in Ultus, home to the capital city of Redcastle, and chief producer of goods. Ore mined in the southern province is shipped to Oakmont, where a large population of skilled craftspeople create some of the finest arms, armor, tools, industrial materials available in the world.

Northern Ultus - Esterwick

Culture Info
-Esterwick shares a border with Stradyn, and much of their commerce surrounds trade with the neighboring nation. Communities close to the border cross back and forth frequently and it is not uncommon for citizens from one nation to work in the other, or for extended families to span the border.

The citizenry of Esterwick is largely composed of humans, biata, some hoblings, stone elves, and a smattering of other races. Dormill is known to be a friendly place, with very low crime rates and a welcoming population.

Important People

-Elizabeth Hache, provincial governor.

Governor Hache is a human woman who was appointed provincial governor by the king 15 years ago. She maintains good relations with the neighboring populace and local nobles of Stradyn and is a shrewd business woman.

-Humphrey Elyot, Sheriff of Brightrock.

Sheriff Elyot has served in the border town of Brightrock for half a century. He is considered very good natured and possesses a very evolved sense of humor for a stone elf, though to normal standards his wit is drier than an improperly baked biscuit.

Elyot works closely with Stradysh authorities to provide a sense of security to border crossings and administer justice within his jurisdiction.

Views of other Cultures

Stradyn: Our neighbors to the north. Those Stradysh folk are a nice bunch, never have a mean word to say about ‘em. And those Miloans? Aye, they can be a spot of trouble, always gettin’ into somethin’ they aughtn’t, but they’re good folk. Shame they got those troubles with their earth magic, so we do ‘em a kindness whenever we can. That war business has me a bit worried, I know the governor is sending some more supplies up that way, saw the shipment head through Brightrock just last week. We’re gonna need to stand with those folks in the time to come. If those deaders get a hold on Stradyn who do you think they’re comin’ for next? Hard times ahead, bubba.

-Ranald, Human Arborist


My momma always said if you can’t say nothin’ nice don’t say nothin’ at all.

-Harmony Limeweather, Biata child (age 10)


Not much to say, I reckon. Buncha monsters. That place is crawlin with deaders, werewolves and necromancers. Maybe they done used up their land and that’s why they’re comin’ across the sea, so they can do it over here too.

-Murok Birch, hobling merchant


Why you would want to live down south in the cold I’ll never know, but those folks know their stuff. Aye, they cook a mean steak and their knives are the best money can buy, but is it worth it in all that snow? Also fur gives me a rash, never could wear the stuff.

-Aksel Toft, Biata carpenter


Nice enough folk, they can be a little jumped up though, eh? Just cause the capital is there and they do all that trade with Garalta they think they’re so fancy, well I tell you what (spits), I think… Eh, they’re alright I guess.

-Freddie Burns, Human constable

Southern Ultus - Wildewinter

Culture Info

The southern coast of Ultus is a harsh place. Perpetually cold, with short, mild summers and brutal winters. The main population hub of Roseport is a hub for fishing and merchant vessels, and sports a large whaling fleet. The population of Wildewinter is largely stone elf, barbarian, and human, with some groups of dwarves and at least one tribe of Olanlari. The climate is unforgiving during the winter and many do not choose to make their permanent homes here, and those that do can be as hard as the land they live on. Roseport boasts a population year round, largely because of its high walls that protect from winter storms and roving dangers during the dark winter months. Wildewinter is also home to the largest mining operation in Ultus, where they procure the raw materials used to forge their world-famous arms and armor.

Important People

-Agnes Harte, Mayor of Roseport

Mayor Harte is unofficially the “permanent” mayor of Roseport, having founded the town herself three hundred years ago. Roseport has grown into the largest permanent settlement in Wildewinter and contributes significantly to Ultus economy. Mayor Harte is as strong of arm as she is of will, and also widely regarded to be the best blacksmith in Ultus. Blacksmithing students from all over Ultus are sent to Roseport to study under her and her apprentices.

-J’haan Eilwraek, master whaler

J’haan (Called “John” by most) captains the largest whaling vessel in the known world. His large crew is mostly composed of fellow Stone Elves, with some humans and dwarves occasionally signing on for a tour of duty. J’haan is very serious, even for a Stone Elf, and knows what it takes to survive in this harsh climate. He does not accept first-season sailors on his crew, as he knows that Wildewinter claims the lives of many who are unfamiliar with her dangers and is not willing to accept the risk.

Views of other Cultures

We get a significant portion of our food stuffs from them, their trade routes are well maintained, though I have not had much occasion to travel them personally. They are adequate neighbors and do not bother us here to the south often. I doubt they would venture this far from their fruit farms without good reason. Why do you ask?

-Oslarelar Jostina, Stone Elf Sailer


The Garlatans have a unique view of law and order. Some say it’s too harsh, but you cannot argue with their results. Have you ever been? Beautiful country, excellent quality of goods, every trader in the market with a fair price, foods not bad… Just don’t spit on the sidewalk. Got twenty lashes for that...

-Kobus Hammerhands, Dwarven Smith Apprentice


I don’t think about ‘em much, we’re so far away! I don’t think they would ever come here, and if they did? Hoo boy, they wouldn’t like it. Oh, I guess they don’t mind the cold… Maybe I should worry about them more…

-Eurus Tanner, Biata Miner


Eh, pretty plain folk. They do most of the trekkin’ back and forth, keepin’ the roads up, help the trade flowin’. Nice folk, to be sure, but what else to say about ‘em? Never met a mean ‘Wicker, aye, but ever met an interesting one?

-Goldenia Grimfeather, Biata Smith Apprentice


Seat o’ power, innit? All the puffed up birds and the dour stoneys, politic-ing and flouncing about. Do they do any work over there? Doesn’t seem like it most the time. I know there’s trouble a-brewin’, but I feel like we don’t see a lot of movement out of them. Rather play it safe and flounce around.

But, eh, don’t tell em I said that.

-Arnar Kragbuster, Dwarf Miner

Western Ultus - Oakmont

Culture Info:

Oakmont is the center of political activity in Ultus, and the home to the largest port in the country. The capital city of Tandra’s Landing is both the seat of government and the hub of sea trade. Many nobles keep homes in Oakmont, including representatives from the other provinces, Stradysh dignitaries, and Garaltan emissaries.

The port is a busy place, with the main trade route from Garalta, and the main sea trade route from Stradyn converging in this port city. Garalta is a monarchy, but heavily influenced by a council of nobles and citizen representatives.

Important People:

-Phonion Hisos, King of Ultus.

King Hisos, Biata King of Ultus, is a fair ruler. Hisos has ruled Ultus for 92 years and maintains control of his kingdom with a steady hand. The monarchy is kind and rules with the consent of the people, taking many civilian counsellors. The King is well-liked and considered fair, contributing to the over-all level of contentment in Ultus.

-Hubyr Miratoris, Chief Advisor to the king

The other side of the royal coin, Advisor Miratoris is the chief advisor to King Hisos. An ancient Stone Elf, Miratoris’ age is indeterminate, but recorded history places her at the coronation of the original Queen of Ultus. Miratoris makes numerous public appearances at court and public hearings, sometimes taking interest in minor legal cases and proceedings. This enigmatic figure speaks little, and when she does it is very matter-of-fact. Preferring not to mince words, it is common to get a response in public from the advisor, but uncommon for it to be longer than six syllables.

-Captain Fetch

Captain Fetch leads the specialized police force of Tandra’s Landing. This force is a combination of royal guard, customs enforcement, and civilian police force. Because of the close contact with the public that the King maintains and the high volume of visitors, (both foreign and domestic), Captain Fetch is perhaps one of the busiest and most stressed Captains in the Ultan military. It is perhaps, then, no surprise that he has gone grey at such a young age...

Views of other Cultures


The Stradysh people are our noble allies, standing with us against the threat of Hargroth. We respect them and their sacrifice in the defense of modern civilization, keeping the undead at bay and far from our doors. By the throne, I’m glad they’re between us and them...

-Alre Eilro, Biata counsellor


Their goods are of the finest quality, and they’re not too hard to deal with if you know what to say. Sure, some of their ideas are rigid, but everyone has their quirks, right? We can deal, they want to deal, so why not? I can keep my eyes low and not chew licorice root when they’re in the room, it’s all about making the sale.

-Myrtle Bilberry, Hobling merchant


Tragic... Beware the wolves.

-Hubyr Miratoris, Advisor to the king


Simple country folk, doing their best I suppose. They walk back and forth, it’s walking, right? Yes they walk back and forth on the roads carrying… what do they carry? Apples? Something like that. I’ve never really looked into it. I mean, come on, they’re simple aren’t they? I don’t have time for this, the play is starting.

-Crius Redfeather, Biata Noble


The harshest country we have to offer. Wildewinter is a death trap, and I have the utmost respect for the people that live there. The summer might not be so bad, but even that is short and mild at best. You want to meet the hardest folk in our land? The best smiths? The savviest sailors? Wildewinter is where you’ll find them. Bring a coat.

-Addler Dawnnail, Biata Merchant